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Who are we?
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The intallact team is a loosely connected group of professional consultants with complementary areas of expertise and a common vision of service excellence.

We often team up with other service providers or bring on selected contract facilitators in order to create the best value for our client partners, however we never stray from the collective established specialities of the professionals listed below.  One or more of these individuals will always be in the leadership position for every service that we provide.


  Andrew Welch, CCP

  Lead Management Consultant

   Andrew founded intallact's predecessor company in 1984 (formerly operated as Intellact), and remains the company principal.  He has conducted corporate training since 1981, and has extensive backgrounds in the information technology, medical, and theatre industries.

For more information about Andrew, you are welcome to view his complete professional C.V. or visit his personal web site.

Ian Chaprin, BIS, MA, MBA

Senior Consultant

Ian's extremely diverse business background makes him a perfect fit on the intallact consulting team.  His sharp analytical mind was equally at home managing an international software firm, studying brain wave patterns, or being artistic director of a successful theatre company.  It also earned him top honours and high praise when graduating from the prestigious University of Victoria MBA program.  Ian's affiliation with Andrew goes back 30 years, and their complementary styles greatly enhance the outcomes of their collaborations.

Aaron Sheedy

Lead Trainer

Aaron has developed many leadership, teamwork, and communication experiences, and has delivered them to literally hundreds of groups.  As past Program Director of the unique Bark Lake Leadership Centre, he has worked with countless Canadian and international corporate and youth groups, and maintains connections with international leadership training.  Aaron has a diploma in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and is certified at the highest levels in related areas, including: high challenge ropes courses, lifeguarding, First Aid, martial arts, and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator™ tool.

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