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Corporate quiz shows are a classic way to entertain your staff while testing them on product knowledge, industry facts, and company trivia.  A Corporate Quiz Show from intallact (formerly known as intellact) takes this concept to a whole new level!  Here are a few of the things that make our service the best available:

bullet Computerized - Our game board software gives a slick and sophisticated presentation.  The programs were developed in-house by intallact, so we can even make custom enhancements.
bullet Themed - We'll take your meeting or conference theme and run with it.  Images, sounds, bonus questions, even the character of the game show host will be a perfect fit.
bullet Engaging - Our unique audience voting system means that you have the option of involving everyone in the audience as well as the selected team players on-stage.
bullet Effective - A quiz show is a great way to keep product knowledge, presentation content, and corporate trivia top-of-mind with your staff.  We can also add fun questions to keep them on their toes.
bullet Polished - We review your questions and answers, grouping them into relevant categories and creating a fun category title - usually a clever pun that hints at the challenging topic that awaits players.
bullet Hosted - intallact will provide the professional quiz show host, in a character that fits your theme, who will know your material inside out.
bullet Fun - From the opening music through to recognition of the ultimate winning team, we guarantee an entertaining package that will be fun for both participants and audience.


For more information on how you can book the Ultimate Corporate Quiz Show package for your next company gathering, please contact us.


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