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It is increasingly recognized that the principles of good improvisation are also the foundations of effective collaboration and innovation.  Improv-based activities are being used and adapted to conduct successful training programs in a broad spectrum of corporate and personal development areas, including:

bullet Innovation & Creativity
bullet Team Development & Collaboration
bullet Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
bullet Workplace Communication
bullet Presentation Skills
bullet Effective Risk-taking
bullet Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

The intallact facilitators (formerly working under the intellact name) have been working and teaching in this medium for over 20 years, combining solid business experience, with impressive theatre training and performance credits.  That rare and powerful combination has been recognized by the international Applied Improv Network, where we have been selected to deliver workshops every year since 2003, to consistent acclaim.  That same high-calibre training is available to your team as well.

"Most valuable session at the conference.  This should be a prerequisite for the entire conference."
"Tons of useful content & resources, very dynamic presenter, thoughtful presentation, great models & lists of concepts."
"Excellent > concept!  Take a model & fold IMPROV in on it.  Presenter was very, very well versed.  His perspective of non-improv experience & model work was incredible!"

Why is Improv-based training so powerful?

There is no script for everyday-life, so in a sense, we are all improvising all the time.  However good theatre improvisers go far beyond everyday-life - they create true magic, engaging us and working with a seemingly psychic synchronicity that is a joy to watch.  Their secrets are rooted in practicing some basic improv principles:

bullet Yes-Anding - Accepting and building on ideas
bullet Being in the Moment - Focussing on the present
bullet Accepting Offers - Recognizing everything as an opportunity
bullet Being Changed by What is Said - Open to new ideas
bullet Enhancing your Partner - Making the other person look good
bullet Saying Yes - Taking risks in a supportive environment

Looking at that list, is it any wonder that the same principles are used to create powerful partnerships and teams?  Improv is a skill but it is also an attitude, and both can be taught!  And it's FUN!

How does intallact use improv?

Improv-based activities are just some of the many tools in our training arsenal.  We can deliver programs that use improvisation from beginning to end; as a component of other topics (such as our Workplace Communication Program); or to interactively explore mainstream business models (such as our Dramatic Exploration of Situational Leadership program).

Most importantly, improv is more than just fun and games for us.  We focus on the relevant learning and practical workplace applications.

"Thanks for sharing your improvisational and team building skills with my team last weekend.  Your well thought out and custom tailored exercises during the three hour session helped to put my staff at ease, and accomplished all of my goals for the afternoon.  Your associate Ian Chaprin is also to be commended for his part in helping to make the event a success.  I would be pleased to recommend you to others for team building exercises such as this in the future."

- Carl Spiess, MBA, Director
Scotia McLeod

For more information on our improv-based training services, please contact us.


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